Cute Taiwanese Girl In Her Underwear Gives Advice to Other Asian Girls on How to Wear and Take Care of a Bra

A petite pretty young Chinese-Taiwanese girl wearing a pink bra and panties

How to wear a bra for Asian girls by dm_523c0da1b327a This cute young girl has a series of videos in which she wears only her underwear, while advising other girls how to wear and take care of their bras and panties. In the first video she is wearing a black bra and panties. She also […]

F is for Fart: F is for Fetish

A scene of ass worship from F is for Fart. A Japanese schoolgirl gazes lovingly at her female teacher's ass before being farted upon.

F is for Fart – Noboru Uguchi by dm_523c0da1b327a Recently, I came across a bizarre movie: “The ABCs of Death”. Twenty-six directors of horror films were brought together and were given one letter to work with. Japanese director Noboru Iguchi, known for his productions Mutant Girls Squad, Karate Robo Zaborgar and Dead Sushi, came up with the letter ‘F’. The […]