Hot Japanese Female Athletes

The judges staring avidly on girls who wear the clothes,
That fit their bodies tightly, as thin as pantyhose,

The judges spread their legs and place their hands upon their knees,
To show there’s no erection, nor rubbing grandily.

But every man who sees this understands quite seriously,
Where every man is looking, thinking, and dreaming fantasies.

Tiny Girl, Tiny Panties


When I first saw this picture of a sweet Asian lingerie model, I thought it was one of those high-end Japanese realistic love dolls; but she is the real thing.

I’m in love again, so I’m going with the theme of The Color Purple, but with an Asian twist.

A sexy Asian girl in transparent negligee underwear and tiny purple panties.

A sexy chinese girl in purple transparent lingerie underwear


Back in Black

A beautiful Chinese model in black bra, panties, stockings and suspenders

A hot Asian model in black lingerie

According to the bastion of freedom, Pravda:

black underwear tells a man that he can feel free, relax, there are no obstacles or restrictions. Women, who love wearing black underwear, like experiments, respond to any of your wishes – they do it not because of your own satisfaction only, they want to get the sexual pleasure too. They wish to be equal in sex, combining activity and passivity. Pravda, 2001 The colour of women’s lingerie says a lot

So here is a series of hot Asian girls in black lingerie, bikinis and underwear.

According to Black underwear doesn’t show stains and, in a pinch, black underwear and a bra with good coverage can make an emergency swim suit. :)

A pretty petite Asian girl wears a black bikini

A hot petite Asian girl in a black bikini

A cute Asian teen girl takes a picture of herself in black bra and panties

A taiwanese teen girl in black panties and bra

A pretty petite skinny Taiwanese teen on the beach in a black bikini

A hot petite Asian girl shows off her sexy body in a tiny black bikini

Skinny Girls

A nice collection of ultra-thin models and amateurs for the skinny connoisseur. Asian girls come in all shapes and sizes, but I prefer thin. How about you? Leave a comment.

a thin japanese model in see-thru panties and bra

A hot, skinny Japanese red head shows off her nice little ass in see through panties

I don’t know if the following picture is strictly safe for work. But if you don’t mind looking at hot girls in bikinis and underwear while you are at work, you’ll probably like it. Maybe the boss will too.

a thin japanese model in red tiny transparent thong exposing her ass

A skinny Asian model bends over, barely hiding her luscious parts with a tiny see-thru panty

very thin anorexic looking asian girl

An extremely thin Chinese girl practices archery.

A very thin asian girl reclining on a bed

A skinny young Taiwanese girl posted this picture on a social networking site

A very skinny beautiful Japanese girl wearing a red bikini top and tight denim shorts

An extremely thin pretty Japanese girl with large breasts poses in the back of a car

Asian amateur teen girl wearing white negligee

Teen Self-shot Pictures

Here are some pretty Asian teens who took pictures of themselves and uploaded them to social networking sites. It’s nice of them to share their pictures.

Asian amateur teen girl wearing white negligee

A pretty Asian teen takes a picture of herself in the mirror,

A pretty Taiwanese teen in skimpy top self-shot pic

A pretty Chinese teen takes a picture of herself wearing a skimpy top

A beautiful Chinese teen in black bra and panties

A beautiful Chinese Taiwanese teen in black bra and panties

Picture of a young Chinese girl in her underwear wearing a blue bra and red panties

A busty Chinese girl takes a self-timer picture of herself in blue bra and red panties

Pretty Taiwanese girl wearing glasses and a pink top

A pretty, large breasted Taiwanese girl takes a picture of herself